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Next Steps

upcoming tryouts

Texas 432 holds open tryouts for all teams and age divisions.  Players are evaluated by team coaches and team coordinators who then collectively make offers to players to join a team.  Players can verbally accept an offer when presented if they are pleased with the opportunity.  They can also choose to attend other tryouts before giving their response.   Since all players offered my not accept, some players are placed on a waiting list for spots not accepted during the first round of offers.  Once players have accepted verbally, an official contract for the season will be extended to the player.  September 1 is the active date for contracts.  At that time, deposits and a signed contract will be required to claim the offered spot.

Team Status and Details

11 BlackNational
11 GoldRegional or Local
12 BlackNational
12 GoldRegional
13 BlackNational
13 GoldRegional
14 BlackNational
14 GoldRegional
15 BlackNational
15 GoldRegional or National
16 BlackNational+
16 GoldNational
17 BlackNational+
17 GoldNational
18 BlackNational+